You can stand and work better on a strong foundation

You can only work confidently if you are standing on a sound foundation and have a steady footing. And only if you act confidently can you do sound work and strengthen the foundation.

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A global insurance group with strong roots in Germany

Nowadays Talanx is an insurance group with operations on all continents. Having strong roots in Germany, the Group has managed both to create a sound financial and strategic foundation that proved a robust starting-point for an extraordinary success story and to take the step to becoming a globally operating group that has grown particularly rapidly in the past decade.

The Talanx Group – with more than EUR 23 billion in gross premiums a major insurance group in Germany and Europe – operates under several well-known brand names in insurance and reinsurance. These include HDI and HDI-Gerling with insurance products for private, business and industrial clients, Hannover Re, one of the world’s leading reinsurers, the bancassurance specialists neue leben, TARGO Versicherungen and PB Versicherungen, and AmpegaGerling as an investment fund operator and asset manager. Based in Hannover, Germany, the Group is active in 150 countries and enjoys excellent ratings: Standard & Poor’s has rated the financial strength of the Talanx primary insurance group A+/stable (strong) and that of the Hannover Re group AA–/stable (very strong).

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Integrated group with a B2B Customer Access Model

What makes Talanx special in the insurance industry is its business alignment: the Group cooperates mainly with professional market players, for instance with other insurers, banks, professional brokers and large businesses and industrial corporations, some of them with their own insurance departments. On a lesser scale, the group also markets its products directly to small businesses and private clients.

To maximise transparency for clients and investors, the Group has tailored its modern, clear-cut and efficient structure to four operative client segments: Industrial Lines, Retail Germany, Retail International, and Reinsurance.

Insuring industrial clients is a business among professionals. Our industrial clients in Germany and abroad profit from decades of experience in risk assessment and management and our proven expertise in professional claims management. HDI-Gerling Industrie operates with about 2,600 in-house employees around the world. It accompanies its clients with customised solutions via primary insurance units of the Talanx Group in 32 countries and through network partners in a further 100 countries. And it continues to expand industrial insurance as the Group’s traditional core business: HDI-Gerling Industrie is on the way to being a global player that is present and competitive worldwide on its own merits.

The Retail Germany Division with 5,500 employees is currently going through a fitness program with the aim of profitably expanding market share, making its cost ratio competitive and optimizing the value it offers its clients. This is to be achieved by setting up efficient structures and processes to improve its forcefulness on the market and its client focus. The ultimate goal is a profitably growing, modern insurer that offers its business partners lean processes and its clients best-quality products, in short: one of the most efficient and client-focused insurers in this market in Germany. In this business area, it pursues a filigree philosophy tailored with business partners in mind and with the ambitious aim of offering optimum conditions to its professional partners such as banks, large brokers, companies that offer property/casualty insurance or car manufacturers when selling motor insurance products.

Our recipe for success: a multi-brand Group

While the Talanx brand name primarily addresses the capital market, at the operative companies our considerable international product expertise, our forward-looking underwriting policy and our distribution resources are reflected in a multi-brand strategy.

The Retail International Division has an ambitious plan: with its 5,100 employees, the segment has set itself the task of growing in markets where we see high future potential and which we have accordingly defined as strategically important, specifically Central and Eastern Europe (including Turkey) and Latin America. Where Talanx International is already operating, activities are to be optimised and new market segments tapped. That this ambitious plan is not unrealistic is demonstrated by results in recent years: the segment has been able to expand particularly strongly through a mixture of organic growth and acquisitions. Here, too, cooperation with professionals prevails: the majority of policies are sold via brokers and free agents. A great advantage to the segment is the fact that, despite all differences between the target markets, experience, procedures and products can be adapted to other markets. Talanx International’s familiarity with many international retail markets is the kind of know-how that makes it easier to expand business or to enter into new, lucrative markets.

Re-launch with a modern and efficient structure

Re-launch with a modern and efficient structure

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The restructuring programme launched in 2010 is going according to plan and is already producing results. Since aligning its structure to client groups, the Group is concentrating on making its Retail Germany Division one of the most efficient and client-focused insurers in this market segment.

In reinsurance Hannover Re operates all lines of property/casualty and life/health insurance. Geared strictly to B2B, the group has reinsurance contracts with over 5,000 insurance companies and has about 2,200 employees over all continents. Its German business is run by the subsidiary E+S Rück. Hannover Re has committed to efficiency and enjoys a good reputation among clients and investors. It is not only one of the world’s biggest reinsurers but also extremely profitable. Life/health reinsurance is the division’s strategic growth segment, in which it occupies a place among the large, globally operating corporations.

Highly capable and efficient central functions ensure that the Group remains on course. Talanx AG’s duties are of a more strategic nature; it guides the basic positioning of the divisions to the extent necessary for achieving the overall strategy. Two central service companies are dedicated to standardising and harmonising processes and tapping synergies. The Corporate Operations segment also includes financial services, comprising mainly management of Group-wide investments and the investment fund operator AmpegaGerling, and also the Group’s own reinsurance broker.

The Group’s successful development to date proves that its history is a good basis on which to build further: today’s Talanx is a platform capable of sustaining a wide range of business-policy options for upward movement, in other words, target-focused growth.


In its over one hundred years of history, the Group has proven many times that lasting success is possible only on the basis of constant adaptability. Talanx anticipates market needs, responds promptly to demands, and implements change rapidly.